Shipping & returns

We are proud to offer global shipping. For more detailed information please check under each product for shipping options available for your country and specific location.


FutureAgo has four main shipping methods: Free Shipping, Standard Shipping, Super Savings Shipping and Express Shipping. Depending on your location some of these shipping methods may not be available.

Free Shipping
Estimated delivery time is 30-90 days.

Standard Shipping
Estimated delivery time is 25-50 days.

Super Savings Shipping
Estimated delivery time is 14-28 days.
Includes tracking.

Express Shipping
Estimated delivery time is 7-19 days.
Includes tracking.
(Carriers that we use are DHL, UPS, EMS and FedEx.)

We usually dispatch packages for shipping within 4 days. Tracking information may take up to 3-7 days to update under our Order Tracking page for shipments that include tracking.

Please note that some ordered items may be subject to an additional customs fee when entering your country, in such case our customers are responsible to pay any additional fee.


For a return due to an item arriving damage, not matching the description or picture, please contact our customer support and we will send you instructions for how to return your item(s). We will be happy to assist you.

We replace damaged items with new ones, in some cases you could be eligible for a full refund or a discount. Please note that we can not accept returns due to a change of mind.